Our Philosophy

Shallow crystal clear lagoon, pearl white sandy beach for sunbathing and relaxation, coral reefs which took millions of years to form and are house to thousands of marine species and a luxuriant vegetation, are the wonders that make Palm Beach Resort & Spa the Paradise on Earth, a place that is always ready to gift indelible emotions and that deserves to be respected and supported. These are the reasons why Palm Beach Resort & Spa utmost priority is to preserve the environment and the aesthetic integrity of the island and to protect the natural beauty of the reefs. The Ministry of Tourism develops tourism policy, plans, and regulations to develop infrastructure and service standards.

Accordingly to the completely nature-based concept of the tourism product development, Palm Beach Resort & Spa is an autonomous unit that generates its own power, water supply, and manages its sewage and solid waste.

Some Eco-friendly practices here also include:

  • Implementing a save-energy program – we use energy saving lighting in the entire Island and in the offices to reduce the electricity waste. All of our staff switch the computers off at end of the day and all the PC screens are set with screen savers sleep mode. Bicycles are available to each guest free of charge and to move through the island we also provide an electric car service, even if we always encourage relaxing walks to fully enjoy the lively ambiance of the Resort.
  • Recycling program: We make sure to reduce the use of paper and not to make printouts unless it is necessary, we mainly use e-mails for interdepartmental communication and used paper for every internal report.

All our accommodations are built with a local touch in their designs and architecture, the most of the room categories have a typical Maldivian swing, and all the furniture and the accessories are locally sourced.

Palm Beach Resort & Spa was constructed using only wood from reforestation areas.

We conduct regular clean up events in our neighboring Islands and once a week we propose to our guests a free excursion to the “Fishermen Island”, a visit to discover Maldivian real every-day life and culture encouraging the shopping in the local markets, and a typical Maldivian buffet dinner, in which all the staff members wear the typical Maldivian sarong, all followed by a Bodu Beru show.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of this paradise without tarnishing it.

Enjoy long walks by the sea shore or bike among palm trees and mangroves branches and you will understand that it makes sense to join our green philosophy!