Wedding Ceremony & Events

There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating the special moments in life.

At Palm Beach Resort & Spa couples are invited to select the package that best suits their dream ceremony. Our wedding coordinator will assist to ensure that the wedding takes place smoothly.

Celebrations can take place on the north tip of the island, our spectacular sandbank surrounded by the ocean or at Reception Jetty under a traditional decorated thatched roof with fresh flowers and orchids.

Please note that weddings in Maldives are only ceremonial and not legally recognized.

The guest of Palm Beach Resort & Spa can personalize their special day.

They can choose additionally to the ceremony:

  • Adam and Eve, couple massages
  • Dhoni Sunset Cruise
  • Room decoration
  • Wedding Certificate
  • Flower bouquet
  • Champagne bottle
  • Photography service
  • Exclusive “Candle Light Dinner”

To reserve your wedding or if interested in organizing an incentive travel and events in Palm Beach Resort & Spa, please contact via mail our reservation department at: booking@sportingholiday.com.mv